A commercial done by the creative team of Atlantic University College for their yearly summer camps.


Creative Team Member/3D Character Modeler/Character Animation/Rendering

In charge of modeling the characters in 3D based on the concept art provided by Hector Hoyo. Animation of characters, shading, lighting and rendering. Set up of render layers in order to be used properly by the compositor.


PHOEBE & LUNA (2015)

Phoebe & Luna is a Telly Award winning and Emmy Nominated (2015) short film created by the talented team at Gladius. Made for the purpose of promoting the studio and its services in the areas of Film, Animation and Video Games. The bulldog Luna, is the mascot of the studio and Phoebe is her caretaker.


3D Artist/Generalist:

Worked several areas in the 3D department, including but not limited to 3D modeling, lighting, material creation, texturing and rendering. Other responsibilities included, compositing, color correction and video editing. 


In charge of a team of seven people ranging from animators, 3D modelers, concept artists and generalists. Managed and supervised all departments making sure they were on schedule and meeting deadlines. Managed budget and employee payroll among other internal responsibilities.



Commercial created and produced in house at Gladius. A promotion for a product aimed at a younger audience, Doodle Knob aimed at creating custom door knobs with different themes. The knob would make a sound depending on the theme to alert when a door is being opened.



Supervised teams from different departments, making sure the product achieved its intent. Managed deadlines according to costumer needs.

Compositor & Video Editor

Set-up of render layers inside Blender for later compositing. Editing of final video in Adobe Premier with color grading, correction and effects.




A mobile game created for Android and iOS systems by the video game team at Gladius. The goal is to collect all the treats that are falling and avoid the hazards which will make the player loose lives.



In charge of managing the team and making sure deadlines were being met. Worked closely with the programmer and artists to ensure the game was being done according to its design. Was also in charge of creating and managing both the Android and iOS developer accounts and that all necessary documents were up to date with their standards.



The Caribbean Cinemas policy trailer (2014) was created entirely by the creative team and a group of students from Atlantic University College for the Caribbean Cinemas movie theaters. It is the initial clip shown before a movie starts letting audiences know to turn off their cellphones, where to get snacks, and drinks, among other things. It is currently still in use in all theaters.


3D Art/Generalist

In charge of creating digital high quality and detailed 3D assets. Additionally, did lighting, materials and rendering for several scenes utilizing the Arnold render engine.



This short animated clip created by the creative team of Atlantic University College was shown during the first two weeks premiering the Caribbean Cinemas policy trailer. Promoting the local talent and the people who worked on the policy trailer.


3D Art/Generalist

Managed the creation of several 3D assets as well as optimizing previous ones for use within the scenes. Worked the lighting on several scenes as well as the creation of materials and textures.



This short animated clip was created by the creative team at Atlantic University College for the 2013 graduation ceremony. 


3D Art/Generalist

Worked mainly as a 3D modeler and scene assembly. Also worked on creating textures for several models.